Cooperative Bank of Chania Digital Transformation

Cooperative Bank of Chania chose INDICE to as its digital transformation partner. The project included a full service PSD2 solution, a new corporate portal and brand new web and mobile eBanking clients.

A central goal of the project is to create a unified experience across all channels and services, when the end-user is a retail customer, a corp customer, a bank employee or a PSD2 developer looking to integrate with the Bank’s APIs.

To achieve this goal, we used the OBA platform that INDICE has developed using an API-first design approach. Azure DevOps was and is still used internally to facilitate CI/CD for all software development.

The Bank saw 70% increase in adoption of digital services, with minimal maintenance and no increase in customer complaints. The mobile application can be found on the respective app stores (applegoogle). Note that application ratings are 4.9 at the time of writing.

The biggest win for the Bank was internal. As the eBanking platform continues to evolve, the Bank has trained its own executives to use and write software for the platform. By adopting the Scrum approach for the evolution of the digital banking platform, the Bank’s goals are methodologically analysed and implemented. Adopting automated CI/CD procedures only came naturally, especially when operating already under the umbrella of Microsoft Azure.