Energy market risk management application

StrategyVar is an innovative London-based company focusing on next generation risk management software and energy risk consulting. Its flagship product is a web-based tool designed for the analysis and selection of risk-effective energy procurement strategies. Indice worked closely with StrategyVar to rebuild the service from the ground up. The project’s goals:

  • Make StrategyVar a true SaaS offering, delivered either through the cloud or an on-premise installation
  • Modernize software infrastructure, move away from Forms into a maintanable and performant code base
  • Offer solid usability enhancements for all user groups of the application

The StrategyVar application was split into a business management backend and the end-user service. Using the business management interface, StrategyVar can centrally manage all users, roles and companies that can access a service instance. Creating a new service instance is a matter of a few clicks from the Azure dashboard. All users are signed in centrally using a modified cloud-based identity server from The new, multi-tenant end user webapp now sits proudly on multiple cloud server instances, powered by the MVC 4.0 framework. 

The new web application brings completely new end-user features. All user interfaces were redesigned based on use cases and user roles. Using RESTful urls instead of session variables help build a solid navigation experience. Users can now get more information out of charts with zooming and panning with the new client side charting implementation. Exporting to openXML is one click away on any report.