WiMOSS network monitoring

Wimoss is the flagship WiMAX monitoring and active network management Software Suite of Danske Telecom. Indice is the exclusive software partner of WiMOSS, working on the core engine of the Suite, building new features and redesigning infrastructure code.

The software stack comprises of three main systems

  • Collector infrastructure. A multi-threaded, high-performance collector with collection adaptors for SNMP, telnet or any other interface. 
  • Dynamic Quality Control. The DQC can enforce business-tier policies on the WiMAX network with a base station granularity. Its advantage over Deep Packet Inspection units is its abstract policies and its base-station level granularity
  • Wimoss engine. A J2EE web application that presents all data gathered by the collector and DQC

DanskeTelecom is a leading WIMAX operator, operating Fixed Wireless Access and pre-standard WiMAX networks in key Danish cities. At the same time, its subsidiary WiMOSS, provides telecommunication consulting services and software tools to clients all over the world. Continuing its efforts to stay on the technological cutting edge, the Internet Service Provider is expanding its existing infrastructure with latest mobile WiMAX equipment, aiming to cover the broadband needs of Danish mobile users. This infrastructure upgrade means more than just a few more boxes to manage: network mobility brings along challenges the ISP never faced before. Indice designed and implemented the J2EE platform to make data collection for thousands of nodes possible.